E-BS offers you Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology is an important part of the day to day operations of the average public and businesses alike. Most businesses know the importance and benefits of being connected to their customers through IT. IT improves->

  • Communication – information can be passed through multiple channels with little to no interruption between business and client

  • Mobility – Businesses can now have a global presence with the use of IT as your business can be accessed from just about anywhere in the world

  • Efficiency – reduction in the use of paper files as business documents can be stored easily and quickly accessed. Errors are easily noticed and can be corrected immediately

E-BS offers several IT solutions for the simplest to the advance business need. Whether it is an upgrade in equipment to protecting your business documents, E-BS will work with you to accomplish your goals.

E-BS offers you Maketing Services

Growth, profit and brand presence are important aspirations of a successful business. To accomplish these integral goals a marketing strategy is at the centre of many business operations. How does E-BS work with you to build your brand and improve your marketability? We offer you services such as->

  • Graphic art

  • Website building and administration

  • Photography

  • Video production

  • Inbound Marketing

Our marketing tools enable your business to be open to customers and assist in influencing them to stop and pay attention to what your business is offering. Think about all the clutter a consumer is faced with on a daily basis, would you like to transcend that clutter and reach your potential customer in ways that make them want what you’re offering repeatedly? E-BS is sure that you want this and we are committed to working with you.

E-BS offers you Virtual Assistant Services

Which business would like to save money on their overhead costs? I think just about every business manager would lift their hands as affirmation to this question. Businesses are always looking for ways to cut cost and improve efficiency. E-BS has a solution for you, E-merge Virtual Assistant (E-VA). With E-VA your benefits include->

  • An assistant who works with you to know your business and bring your special brand to each assignment and project

  • An assistant who will be there when your in-house staff are unavailable to meet your business needs

  • An assistant who does not take up office space, have to be paid vacation, sick leave and other benefits. E-VA is paid only for the hours worked, thus cutting your cost and working with you to reduce unnecessary interruptions to your business.

Not only is this service cost effective it also brings a unique solution to improve your business’ productivity.